Redesign of Biscuit Desserts Korona and Korona Chocolate Canape packaging

Korona trademark launched new products on market – Biscuit Desserts Korona and Korona Chocolate Canape. Just after the launch it became clear that current packaging design was not satisfying as for the level of Korona brand. Thus it was in need of redesign.


Korona Escape Film


Our task was to make something more than an ordinary TV spot – we were to create a cinematic experience by producing a 4-minute-long film to run in cinemas and web, and its TV format cutdowns.



Our task was to organize a photo shoot of a classical story of Adam & Eve, but in a modern way and with a premium look. And, naturally, connected with the brand.


Carte Noire mini cafe

Carte Noire is a premium French coffee brand. Ogilvy Action developed an idea of promo campaign for everyone to enjoy coffee's sensual taste and rich aroma.


stylish presents for CARTE NOIRE promo


Carte Noire is a refined French coffee of the first-rate quality which positions itself in the market in superpremium segment. Against other brands Carte Noire is distinguished by the French origin, individual style, attractive packing and excellent quality of 100% arabica coffee.

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