Borjomi TVC

Our task was to produce a high-quality TV spot aimed at re-launching the famous Borjomi mineral water brand. The challenge was to manage all the complex technical specifics of the spot and to meet client’s budget.


National spirit and the present in Gurieli Export identity

The Georgian tea which has been exporting abroad for a long time is available at home now, in Georgia, under the trade mark Gurieli Export. Ogilvy&Mather faced the complex working out of the creative concept of the tea brand, its identity and name.


No sleep! Guarana interactive site

Guarana is an energetic drink of the IDS Group company. The task of the website was to increase the level of brand awareness among Ukrainian Internet users, deliver to them the campaign message No sleep! and increase the number of positive records about the brand in the Internet.


Fresh Active. Tasty refreshment. A series of prints

Myrgorodska Fresh Active is an amazing combination of refreshing cocktail of minerals and 3 original tastes: a lemon-lime, a fruit duet of pear and melissa and citrus sweety.


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