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Издревле хинкали готовили в горных областях Грузии Пшави, Мтиулети и Хевсурети. Так, медленно но верно, умельцы готовить хинкали добралось и до Украины. Компания "Геркулес" выпустила свои хинкали в упаковке с грузинским флером.


Potty, cook!


“Glechyck” is traditional dairy products with a modern twist. Concerning design we touched on a topic of Ukrainian ornaments which were used in clayware painting. Color palette, in turn, comes from modern times.


Hercules ice-cream new packaging design


«Hercules» is one of the largest ice-cream brands in Ukraine with more than 40 different products. The brief was to develop new integrated brand identity for «Hercules» products from scratch to make them widely recognized and identified with the corresponding brand by consumers.


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